Time to spend with Friends


 Home supplies, Clothing, Slippers, Health Aides, Lift Chairs and other items to make your life Golden in your retirement.

Making It Golden is created with our golden years in mind.  We are all looking forward to retiring and having the leisure time to do what we want to do.  Making It Golden wants to add the best products all in one place in a simple shopping store that is easy to use and has all the quality you wish for.  The simplicity gives you a one-stop-shop for slippers, robes, special sheets, lap robes, wonderful comfortable chair cushions, grabbers, tv and bed trays, grab bars, and even walkers and canes should you need them.

Just imagine how much time and energy you can save visiting Making it Golden for all your shopping needs.  You will see our shopping list grow as you share with us the items you would appreciate being in your store!

Come shop with us and create your dreams of your golden years. Imagine sitting in a quiet corner reading a magazine, in your most luxurious robe and comfortable slippers. Thankful that you have available all the time-saving items you could want!

robes, slippers, chairs, grabbers all to give you more time with family
Time for family

Only the Best

Only the best is good enough for us.  We have worked all our lives to dream of a time when we would have all the time we need to have with our families or just doing what we want to do.  Makingitgolden.com has all the great things you will need to create that time for you.  And in creating that time, making it golden has selected only the best for you including comfortable robes, slippers, lift chairs, adjustable beds, clothes, kitchen items and special foods that you can shop for at home and have delivered to your door.  Even our web store is simple and time saving.  

Thank you for taking the time to shop with us today.  We know you will enjoy your time at our store.